Worst Situation of Schools in Jaffarabad.

By Yasmeen M.hasni

Billions of rupees are allocated each year in PSDP for education in Balochistan. This amount is each year spent unnecessarily without being beneficial for schools in Balochistan especially in Jaffarabad.

Undoubtedly, according to the PSDP of fiscal year 2020-2021 more than Rs 63.5 billion were allocated for hike of education sector in Balochistan.

But, first thing to look for is that this amount fails to be profitable for schools located in Balochistan. And, this results in a low literacy rate.

However, according to the PSDP report of fiscal year, an ongoing project which is approved by the provincial government includes construction of shelterless schools and additional rooms in Govt schools of Sohbatpur and Jaffarabad.

In any case, till now none of these projects have been initiated in Sohbatpur and Jaffarabad.

Additionally, in  Jaffarabad the enrollment rate of female students in schools is 30 percent out of which 15 percent leave schooling after 5th grade.

One of the reasons behind leaving education is that schools are situated far away with a distance of 2 to 3 kilometers.

Also, residents in Jaffarabad have low income which is a crucial purpose  behind leaving schools.

Furthermore, the condition of schools there is horrible. More than 40% of schools are without building and facilities. Students settle down under the shade of trees of sometimes classes are held directly under the rays of sun.

Another reason behind this backwardness is incompetency of District Educational Officers. In brief, these officers do not visit schools for check and balance of Government schools located there. Not only this but the teacher unions are also involved in this corruption. This bone of contention is a gargantuan hindrance for betterment of schools in Jaffarabad.

In Government schools one of the bottlenecks is the ghost teachers. However,more than 30 percent of teachers do not appear in schools. They are only apparent while collecting salary.

Success in this would be possible for betterment of schools at Jaffarabad, if the Teacher Unions and District Educational Officers are competent to look after the check and balance of Government schools.

Secondly, removal of the ghost teachers who do not appear and fail to perform as a teacher.

Third, the attention of the Provincial government on the ongoing projects and Government schools located in Balochistan.

Altogether, if above mentioned responsible people carry out their duties well can upturn the literacy rate of Balochistan which is lower as compared to other provinces of Pakistan.

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