Protests held at Buleida and Zamuran for drug free Balochistan.

By Yasmeen M.hasni

Members of the Anti Narcotics Committee held protests in Kech District at Buleida and Zamuran along with people of particular areas.

Balochistan has reached an alarming level in drug addiction. Additionally, abundant people are indulged in drugs which has been a stumbling block to avoid drug addiction. People of Balochistan have suffered in the worst turmoil due to drugs in Balochistan. Indeed, the drug addicts in Balochistan are found in abandoned homes, schools and even lying on roads.

However, according to the report of Islamabad Senate Standing Committee on Interior Narcotics, around 7 million people in Pakistan are drug addicts. Not only this but 700 people die each day due to drug addiction.

To illustrate, there are various kinds of drugs but essentially in seven of them people are mostly involved. They include Stimulants, Depressants,  Hallucinogen, Opioids, Inhalants and Cannabis.

The fact to be highlighted is that above mentioned drugs not only have consequences on drug addicts but also affect their surroundings. It can be stated that people of Pakistan are stuck in the grip of drugs which is hard to escape from.

Drugs are openly sold at Balochistan which is easy for them to grab and inhale drugs. Moreover, the drug trafficking mafias in Balochistan spreads this poison in society, of which elders and youth are victims of it.

Even though Samiullah Baloch who was a student of University of Balochistan was shot dead by drug smugglers in Noshki. Samiullah’s goal was to save Balochistan from drugs of which thousand people are victims of. As a result, he paid the price in order to safeguard Balochistan from drugs.

Also, Senator Usman Kakar once said that drug mafias are openly operating across the country. These mafias are a part of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Assembly and Balochistan Assembly.

Equally important, all this situation has compelled people to hold protests in Balochistan to root out the drug addiction and end this inebriation from this society.

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