Proliferation of rape cases in Pakistan. 

By Yasmeen M.hasni

It would be an exaggeration to that Pakistan is a safe country for women due to proliferation of rape cases. Each passing day makes it evident to citizens in order to be a safe zone to live in.

Admittedly, as we read with considerable unease about rape cases which makes us petrified to live in such a country. Brooding about the silence of the Government which always remains unheard about such incidents – taking any action against culprits.

According to Women’s Studies professor Shahla Haeri, rape in Pakistan is “often institutionalized and has the tacit and at times the explicit approval of the state.

Asma Jahangir, a lawyer and co-founder of the women’s rights group Women’s Action Forum, reported in a 1988 study of female detainees in Punjab that around 72 percent of them stated they had been sexually abused while in custody. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 35 percent of women worldwide have experienced physical or sexual partner violence or non-partner sexual violence.

We all must be aware about the innocence of Zainab, a child abuse case from Kasur. It is unforgettable that her neighbour ruthlessly raped and brutally killed her. Not only this, but dumping her body in trash. Alas! Do parents pamper their little angels to be raped and brutally killed?

Meanwhile, the current alleged rape incident of a women who was travelling on Lahore-Sialkot Motorway have uneased Pakistan. She was waiting to seek help  along with her two children. Moreover, she called her brother to inform him about the car’s fault. Also, the CCPO shared that her brother  called the Motorway police helpline at 1:30 am and asked to send a police mobile.

But, before the arrival of police she was raged by 2 men who broke the glass window of the victim’s car. She was dragged along with her children to nearby fields and was raped in front of her children. Also, the suspects took jewellery and cash along with them.

According to the CCPO Umar Shaikh,“There are three villages within the five kilometre radius of the incident spot. The suspects broke the glass window of the victim’s car. Blood samples have been taken from the glass. Latest technology of rural and urban police is being used in the investigation”.

To further illustrate, in 2017,around 10,000 rape cases were reported. Most of these cases belonged to Punjab. Further, 2,669 women were raped in 2014, 2,509 in 2015, 2,938 in 2016. 

The fact to be highlighted is that over 70 rape cases reported in 2 months of 2020 at Lahore. Not only this, in 2018 rape cases in Punjab hiked at 2,980. Indeed, each year rape cases in Pakistan proliferate.

Statistics of past years make it apparent about the hike of rape cases in Pakistan.

While on other hand, the Government is silenced in order to initiate policies for protection of women.

While everyone in Pakistan showed anger on social media for taking rape cases easy. Also,public execution bills are trending hashtags on social media and zero tolerance to the rapists.

But, due to passage of time, while hike in rape cases, none of the Government officials have passed such bills or severe punishments to culprits of forced sexual assault.

Yasmeen M.hasni is freelance writer and artist.

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