Government Taking COVID-19 lightly

As recently Government of Pakistan has announced that mosques, barber,
shops and other general shopping stores will be opened. It is good to hear
that the government care about the working class people. But as we all are
already aware of the outbreak of COVID-19 which has wrapped the whole
world including almost 193 countries and caused a lot of casualities,
Pakistan is one of the affected countries too. Woefully, Pakistan is taking
such perilous steps which are making the life of citizens in danger.

Recently the religious people said that the mosques should be reopened in
any case. Whereas, if we have a broader view on the other Islamic
countries, as cases studied, they have closed their mosques, such as, Saudi
Arabia. It has closed visiting of people to Khana-e-Kabba for pilgrimage,
and other things in order to defeat this malaise. They know that there is not any other remedy
for this disease except intense precaution.

What should they be called; the uncivilized or the uneducated?

But in Pakistan, the scenario is different. Due to the congregation in
mosques and other places, the disease is expected to be urgeoning and soon
we will see the fallouts. Besides this, there is a lack of safety measures.
So, how can we perform our duties in mosques?

We have not taken any precautionary measures for doctors and patients
who are fighting with this disease. On the other hand, the barber shops are
reopened as for long time of lock-down. In these shops, crowd gets into a
great number. If a single person comes in shop with this virus, so it will
be spread to all of the people around him.

Therefore, we request the Government to take authentic steps regarding
these serious issues instead of wasting energy on petty politics. Secondly,
there must be proper measures taken to resolve the issues related to poor

Iqbal Baloch

The writer studies at National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad.
He can be reached at

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