Corrupt judiciary system of Pakistan

Majeed Achakzai was acquitted by model court due to dearth of evidence about this case. Indeed, it was proved about corrupt judiciary in Pakistan.

By Yasmeen M.hasni

The biggest of prevailing tensions in Pakistan is corrupt judiciary. The system which tends to perform apparently is surrounded with corruption.

To illustrate, corruption in the judiciary can demolish trade, economic growth and human development. Due to a corrupt judiciary, citizens have disputes with citizens and authorities.

According toTransparency International Report (TI) on Corruption Perception Index(CPI), Pakistan ranked as 12Oth in 2020. Also,in 2018, according to the CPI report it was on 117th.

Not only this, but due to a survey of TI in 2011, the judiciary of Pakistan was identified as the most corrupt institution in Pakistan.

According to these CPI surveys, the corrupt system was mostly performed pertaining to the corruption by government officials, judiciary, military, politicians, and whether or not they were instituting legal proceedings according to law.

What also to be mentioned is that since propagation  of the 1973 constitution, the judiciary has been a target of political and military forces. Also, these purposes have been bottlenecks for a crystal clear judiciary.

However, the Article ll of judicial code states that  a judge should be God-fearing, abstemious, truthful of tongue, wise in opinion, cautious, forbearing, blameless and untouched by greed. Also, he should be calm, with correct conclusions and faithful to his words.

About corruption in the courts Hoebel wrote: “Below the level of the High Courts all is corruption. Neither the facts nor the law in the case have any real bearing on the outcome. It all depends on who you know, who has influence and where you put your money.” 

Currently, the case of ex- MPA Majeed Achakzai’s hit and run case of a policeman killing was evident to everyone about the judiciary’s corruption. Notably, the CCTV footage of the incident was evident of Achakzai hitting the cop.

Notwithstanding the brother of the deceased cop challenged the Achalzai’s absolved  in Balochistan High Court that ‘Neither have we reached any compromise with Majeed Achakzai nor have received any blood money’.

But, Majeed Achakzai was acquitted by model court due to dearth of evidence about this case. Indeed, it was proved about corrupt judiciary in Pakistan.

Undoubtedly, the hurdle in courts is delay of cases. All people who are related to criminal justice like the lawyers, the judges, the police, the legal process serving staff, etc. all are responsible for the delay. According to the Law Reform Commission noted that “There is a wide-spread complaint that criminal cases are generally delayed inordinately by some magistrates with a view to extracting illegal gratification. …, ‘oiling of the wheels’ is necessary to make even the judicial machinery run smoothly and with speed at this level.”

Indeed, a corrupt judicial system can pile up cases in courts. Which can cause delay in cases while citizens defer for justice. However, all this can abolish human development and hold up for justice.

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